I have a graduate Diploma in Fine Arts (print-making) from Karachi School of Arts along with Bachelors in Philosophy from Karachi University. I have been part of the special school SCIE for two and a half years, one of the most prominent special schools in Karachi.

    My Work Philosophy

    My paintings are on Sufi thoughts…how to develop your relation with Real Truth. It is a self searching and self transforming progress towards Real, one should think  about what is not visible or what is visible is revelation towards Unknown…attain understanding between inner and outer world intuition and meditation.

    I gave form to intangible thoughts, thoughts which solve questions and strengthen the power of understanding. My idea is to make a work which stimulates thinking. My painting speaks about subject matter, conceived through knowledge and intuition and is based on the concept of being and knowing. In these colorful oil paintings, I used the shadow of an object or different objects at different time of sunlight. The forms are simple and expressive and their movements show the idea behind. They represented the idea of reflection. My sources of inspirations are, what are the entities to which I am not conscious or what are things I wanted to know about?

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