Andrey Narchuk is a well known Russian photographer, winner of international and all-over Russia competitions in the underwater and the wild-life photography categories. Over the past few years, he won quite a number of national and international photo competitions, including the title of the best wildlife photographer in Russia.

    At his first dive with camera at Red Sea in 2004 Andrey Narchuk has had unforgettable impression of underwater world. And since then he has never missed an opportunity to dive with a camera in any water which he has met along the way.

    Every year more and more trips began to come across to Andrey - free diving and scuba diving, salt water and fresh, in cold and in the tropics. Now he never dives without a camera. Over time it became more and more photographs, and he wanted to share them with others, to try to tell their history, to show what he saw.

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