Born in Swansea, South Wales, Andrew Snary has been passionate about Art and Music since early childhood. At an early age was painting for the local Salvation Army, including scenery for the Christmas pageants. Andrew did pencil work for family and friends, of local beauty spots and architecture. He eventually onto watercolour, painting landscapes, cartoons and interior design artwork. His dream was to become a Art teacher, but found himself having to take a different direction. His career progressed and he travelled extensively. Andrew continued painting, now using oils, but then found himself at a crossroads, quote  “feeling stereo typed and rigid”.
    By this time he had started exploring the world of Abstract Art and soon found himself engrossed with the freedom to explore this vibrant medium  and paint with a new lease of passion again. From this point on he never looked back. With no restrictions on his brush strokes or technique, Andrew found himself able to expand his imagination and thoughts onto the canvas. He told me “what a relief to be able to paint with the freedom to do what ever I want”. His work is constantly evolving and when I asked him what gave him the most satisfaction, he replied, “the fact that people appreciate my paintings so much, they want to take them  home and display in a very cherished place, what more can I ask for”.

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