Alwyn Crawshaw was born in Yorkshire, England in 1934, and works in oils, watercolour and acrylics. Possibly more than other contemporary British artists, Crawshaw has devoted his life not just to painting, but to cultivating the love of painting in others - both through his own work and example, and by teaching countless artists through his books, his television series and in demonstrations and teaching courses worldwide.

    His career has spanned six decades, from his training at Hastings School of Art on the south coast of England, to his current position as a leading figure in world art, who has had celebrated exhibitions in Tokyo, Jersey, Ireland, Germany and the U.K. He has also exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists in London. He is a member or fellow of many leading societies active in the promotion and celebration of art, including being a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He is listed in the current edition of Who's Who in The World and Who's Who in Art. He has written 27 books on painting published by Harper Collins, an autobiography, and has been the subject of a recent biography. Crawshaw has made eight television series aired on the BBC, Channel 4 (U.K), The Learning Channel (U.K) and The Travel Channel world wide and has been named as one of the ‘Top Ten’ best teachers on video in America.

    Alwyn Crawshaw's passion for his own art and others has been an inspiration to art lovers and amateur painters, as well as collectors across the world, from The United States to Japan and all points in between.

    Alwyn Crawshaw's hand and eye has strengthened with maturity, and he is now producing some of his finest work.He is delighted to be able to offer his work to lovers of great painting the world over, and continues to enjoy the fellowship and friendship that painting has given him, and the 'life calling' it represents.

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