I am a commercial mountain photographer with a double interest in adventure and landscape images. I am myself an avid practitioner of many mountain sports, especially climbing, but also skiing and paragliding. My mountaineering gives me unique access to some of the wildest and most beautiful places on the planet, and sharing those moments is one of my main motivations for picking up a camera.

    I am based out of Chamonix, in the heart of the French Alps. Not only is it the mountaineering capital of the world, but having grown up in nearby Lyon, it is also a place very close to my heart. I do however spend a lot of my time traveling, chasing mountains wherever they happen to be hiding, and sometimes even managing to climb them.

    Some other things you might want to know: I wrote two books on mountain photography and increasingly teach workshops, in another life I completed doctoral studies in theoretical computer science and my life master plan includes spending a winter in Antarctica, making alpine first ascents, soloing big walls and eating a lot of cheese.

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