Alan Bedding is a self taught professional photographer, digital artist and photoshop tutor living in Colchester, Essex. He has travelled worldwide for the past 30 years on various photo assignments for book publishers, travel companies and advertising agencies. These assignments have allowed him to pursue his passion for landscape and seascape photography and have led him to create his Fine Art digital images.
    Alan couples his photography with digital photo manipulation software for greater creativity and personal expression. The degree of digital artistry applied to his photographs varies according to the subject matter but with most he has created an artistic crossover effect. This technique has taken him many years to perfect and has been achieved, in Photoshop, by applying a combination of up to 5 customised filtration effects. However, it is abundantly clear from his stunning images that there is a quality in his work that transcends pure technique.
    The images created by Alan Bedding are his unique expression of the East Anglian Landscape and beyond. He trusts that the pleasure he has gained in the pursuit of these images is reflected in his finished work.

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