The universe revealed itself to me at the age of 26. Out of the sky God placed his mysterious box of art supplies in my path. In a desolate part of my town I found myself walking back home one morning to stumble upon it. Having had an interest in graffiti writing and drawing from childhood, I immediately embraced my new found painting supplies and took the experience in stride as if the box was placed there for a reason. The reason being the message I was supposed to receive from the cosmos about discovering the artist inside my soul. The rest isn't exactly history. Going through many obstacles life has to offer was what came next in my journey followed by the compelling urge to pick up a paintbrush again and start creating. In 2010 I had painted several canvas' and decided to try my luck at an art show. I remember leaving the show and having the desire to come back with better paintings. Ever since I've been vigorously putting the effort toward developing my skills as a painter. After submitting my work to Catapult Art Magazine last year, my work was featured in the May 2013 issue of the popular art mag. My hopes are that my artwork inspires a younger person to understand that anything is possible and that they can do the same thing I've done with myself. Art has became such a big influence to me in my life and I could'nt imagine not creating a painting every single day.

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